The University of Warwick has a vibrant community in Hong Kong:

The University of Warwick (Hong Kong Office)

Established in January 2003, the office plays the role of a branch of the Warwick International Office with geographical responsibilities for Hong Kong and South China. It provides prospective students with free Warwick information and application advice, organizes or participates in Warwick publicity events, facilitates staff visits to the region, and support alumni activities.


Warwick Department / Course Representatives in Hong Kong

The Warwick School of Engineering (Regional Admission Office)
The Office provides services to prospective Engineering students from Southeast Asian countries including Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The Warwick MBA by Distance Learning
From its first intake in Hong Kong in 1986, the popular Warwick DLMBA has always been well-supported locally with a programme representative.

Warwick Programmes taught in Hong Kong

Higher Education Foundation Programme (HEFP) Business Studies
The Warwick HEFP is a pre-university 1-year full time programme that has been offered in the UK since 1983 and currently has 5 subject streams. The HEFP Business Studies course in Hong Kong was launched in 2002.

Integrated Graduate Development Scheme (IGDS)
The scheme was first introduced in 1990 under which a range of postgraduate courses are offered jointly by the Warwick Manufacturing Group & Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Warwick Alumni Groups / Representative in Hong Kong

3 active alumni groups & representative are very much bonded and together they serve the interests of Warwick alumni residing in Hong Kong.

  • Warwick Graduates’ Association (Hong Kong)
  • The IGDS Alumni
  • WBS Alumni Board Hong Kong Representative

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