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  • 看雲的心情
    看雲的心情 by Nancy Chui 崔亮欣  (BSc Industrial Economics) 雲卷雲舒,雲聚雲散, 我看雲時,雲是否也在看我?拍一張照片,寫一段心情, 在我看雲的歲月裡, 雲也見證着我的故事。 香港 (2007) 童年躺在大草地,瞇着眼看天,果然如書上寫的: “藍的天,白的雲,藍天白雲真美麗。”讓豐富的想像力替每朵雲取個名字: 是小豬還是雪人? 像叮噹的豆沙包還是ET的飛船? 雲上又是否真有天空之城? “爸媽,可以帶我乘摩天輪上去瞧清楚嗎?” 英國 (2006) 想飛視綫跟着飛機上天際,直到它消失於雲端。 想替夢插上翅膀,隨雲飛往比天空更遥遠的地方,那裡有我的烏托邦。 日本福岡(2005) 心曲愛在田野看秋天的日落,漫天霞暉,與心弦和唱,譜奏一闕温柔的彩雲曲。 霞幕徐徐而下,美景雖留不住,但能在心裡記下一頁絢燦,一份震撼,已足够。 英國 (2006) 喚風這刻,我想起了你。讓雲載满我的思念,喚一陣風,把雲送到你那方… 你説,今天下雨了。你感受到嗎?那霏霏雨粉正是我送你的满满祝福。 澳門 (2005) 静思在飛機看窗外的大片雲海,心是如此的平靜,幾近透明,没有牽掛,没有煩憂。呼吸輕了,時間也彷彿慢了。 雲的另外一端便是家吧。微笑着,静待着到達的廣播。回家的感覺真好。 (2006)
  • 畫畫
    畫畫 by Manita So (MA Translation Studies) 這就開始了。 小小的畫紙給我無限空間, 畫紙內、畫紙外, 聚、散、重疊、伸延─伸延至我的生命, 看得見的,精釆; 看不見的,充滿各樣可能, 想像就是畫的美。 美得使人目眩, 令人看不清方向, 讓人來不及反應, 畫面正向四方蔓延─ 蔓延到夢裡, 就讓夢去完成吧! 幻想的世界, 卻是畫的現實。 現實的生活, 怎容得下夢想? 唯有執起畫筆, 到遠方一趟旅行。  
  • 5 Steps of Drinking Wines: Observe, smell, taste
    5 Steps of Drinking Wines: Observe, smell, taste By Franco Lee (MSc Electronic Business Management) This article is to summarize some articles I read about wines and the experience of tasting wines in the past 2 years. Each person has his own approach to wine tasting. For me, the first thing is to relax. Wine tasting is a very personal experience, meaning that your evaluation of a wine may differ from other people. There are five basic things to wine tasting: Step 1 – Check out the cork Step 2 – See the color Step 3 – Watch the legs Step 4 – Smell Step 5 – Taste before you swallow Step 1 – Check out the cork It’s a small and little task and not everyone sees it as important. But it’s an essential task to me. After a bottle of wine is opened, you should inspect the cork to see whether the bottom is moist and the top is dry. If the cork is completely dry, then air may enter the bottle and the wine is bad. On the other hand, if the cork is completely moist, wine may seep out of the bottle due to high temperature or other problems with storage. In case the cork is partially dry and wet, the bottle may well be bad. Take a quick smell of the wet part of the cork to ensure there is no bad or sour smell. Wine that is corked or gone bad will usually have a foul smelling cork. Step 2 – See the color The first thing you should look at is the COLOUR when the wine is poured into your glass. All quality wines, both red and white, should be clear. Is it clear and clean? Or is it cloudy? An excellent red wine may be very dark in colour but it will ...