Scholarship Reviews 2011


Scholarship Reviews 2011
Reported by Liam Lai, WGAHK Vice-Chairman (Scholarship & Student Welfare)

Photo Album – Awards Reception
We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s scholarship:WGAHK 2011 Scholar:                   Ms. Dheeya Rizmie WGAHK 2011 Engineering Scholar:   Mr. Ian Or  

The WGAHK 2011 Scholarship is worth HK$25,000 and the WGAHK 2011 Engineering Scholarship (fully sponsored by Warwick School of Engineering) is valued at GBP 4,000. Both are one-off awards to be deducted from the winners’ academic fees for the first year of their study at the University of Warwick.


A total of 42 complete applications have been received for the scholarship. Members of the screening panel met on 3rd September 2011 to short-list the candidates for the panel interview. This year’s screening panel was particular special because this was the first time that graduate members of the WGAHK Scholars Club had participated in the screening process. Other members of the panel included WGAHK current & former executive committee members, and also President of IGDSHK.

WGAHK 2011 Scholar:                   Ms. Dheeya Rizmie

WGAHK 2011 Engineering Scholar:   Mr. Ian Or

The scholarship award ceremony was held on 17th September 2011 during the WGAHK Scholars Club luncheon, partially sponsored by two supportive alumni. Each of the short-listed candidates was given a certified letter by WGAHK as well as a HK$500 book coupon as a token of encouragement to their achievement. The 2 scholarship winners each received a big symbolic scholarship cheque at the ceremony. Their actual scholarship money will be deposited directly to their accounts with Warwick after they have enrolled.
The WGAHK Scholarship Fund was set up in 2001 and this year marks its 10th Anniversary. It is the first Warwick scholarship established by local alumni associations outside the U.K. If you would like to support the scholarship with donations, please write to us at , or simply fill in an online donation form on the WGAHK website.  

WGAHK 2011 Scholarship short-listed candidates

Name Warwick Undergraduate Course School last attended
Ms. Jackie Chan Management Victoria Shanghai Academy (HK)
Mr. Miten Khatri Management West Island School (HK)
Ms. Cathy Lam MORSE Cardiff College (UK)
Ms. Dheeya Rizmie Biomedical Sciences King George V School (HK)
Ms. Hilda Wong Law & Business Studies Warwickshire College (UK)

WGAHK 2011 Engineering Scholarship short-listed candidates

Name Warwick Undergraduate Course School last  attended
Ms. Icy Cheng Civil Engineering Peterborough School (UK)
Mr. Kevin Ho Civil Engineering Bedford School (UK)
Mr. Ian Or Engineering with Business Studies Stonyhurst College (UK)

On 10th September 2011 the short-listed candidates attended a panel interview at the Warwick Hong Kong Office.  Members of the two Judge Panels include:

WGAHK 2011 Scholarship Judge Panel

Ms. Lisa Djeng Warwick graduate (BSc Economics) & WGAHK Scholarship Founding Chairman Executive Director, Keywise Capital Management (HK)
Mr. Geoffrey Mo Warwick graduate (LLB) & former WGAHK Chairman Contract Management Director & Legal Counsel, Honeywell (HK)
Mr. James Tay Warwick graduate (MSc Engineering Business Management) Chief Executive Officer, Logicalis Asia

WGAHK 2011 Engineering Scholarship Judge Panel

Dr. David Britnell Director of Undergraduate Studies Warwick School of Engineering
Dr. Gregg Li Warwick graduate (Engineering Doctorate) Special Advisor, AON Corporation & Chief Architect of Governance, G. Li & Company Ltd
Mr. Eric Lee Warwick graduate (BEng Computer Systems Engineering & MSc IT for Manufacture) Director, Synergy Holdings International