WGAHK Cultural and Heritage Daytrip: Ping Shan

WGAHK Cultural and Heritage Daytrip: Ping Shan

21.02.2009 +   Ping Shan

Warwickers and friends  joined together to celebrate the year of the ox with a very recreational, educational as well as culinary excursion in Ping Shan. The 24 participants  comprised of Warwickers from across the years and their families, including  a mix of east and west. Led by Will Bedoucha, the group toured the Ping  Shan Heritage Trail which spans 1km from Tin Shui Wai to Yuen Long.

The tour set off at the historic, 3-storey Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda (聚星樓) which stands at the entrance of the trail. Participants travelled back in time as they strolled along the trail from one monument to another, reminiscing different aspects of life in the old village. The group visited Sheung Cheung Wai (上璋圍), the exterior of a traditional walled village, as well as Kun Ting Study Hall (覲廷書室), Ching Shu Hin(清暑軒) and the Shut Hing Study Hall (述卿書室) which were both places for study for teachers, students and visiting scholars in the old days. The highlight of the tour was to enjoy a delicious “Poon Choi” lunch which was prepared and served in the traditional way. Of course, this was accompanied with our chit-chat and laughter as Warwickers and their family mixed and mingled for over 90 minutes in enjoyment.

After lunch, the group continued to explore the history of the Tang clan by visiting the Tang Ancestral Hall (鄧氏宗祠) and the Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall (愈喬二公祠), both representing an important part of the village life. The half-day tour concluded at the Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre (屏山鄧族文物館暨文物徑訪客中心) which houses an array of exhibits providing visitors with an opportunity to recapture aspects of the Tang clan’s heritage in areas of the New Territories.

Many thanks to Will and Shirley for organizing such a successful tour which brought participants closer to the history of traditional village life in this modern city, and also to the support and participation of everybody.

More exciting events to follow this year, stay connected!

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