Personal Data Protection is a site managed and operated by Warwick Graduates' Association Hong Kong Ltd ("WGAHK"). We follow a set of principles to protect personal data available to our site.

The principles are:
Minimal Personal Identification Information (PII)
Only collect personal data that is necessary for this site to operate.

Reputable Data Source
Direct and simple questions during membership sign-up or obtained from The University of Warwick.

Personal Identification Information (PII) Disclosure
All PII collected in our site will be disclosed to its owner, with proper proof of identity, upon request within a reasonable time period.

Corrective Actions
WGAHK will correct or remove any incorrect data upon request by PII owner.

Data Security and Sharing
Reasonable security measures are implemented to ensure that PII are protected within our data processing system and trusted partners. We will not sell your PII to a third party.

Unwanted Application of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
Any unwanted application of your of PII, for example Direct Marketing Materials, will be suspended upon request.