Warwick Alumni Talk - 國寶展覽背後的故事: 清明上河圖
“Behind-the-Scene Stories of the National Treasures Exhibition”

23.08.2008 +
Novotel Century Hong Kong

On 23 February 2008, 25 Warwickers and friends got together at Novotel Century Hong Kong to attend an intriguing talk conducted by Marco Szeto, a fellow Warwick graduate who is now the Curator of Xubaizhai, Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Macro shared with us the “inside-story” of a memorable and unprecedented exhibition organized in the history of Hong Kong - the “National Treasures: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Palace Museum” Exhibition. Marco took an important role in this exhibition for he was responsible for the safety of 32 masterpieces in Chinese art history, including the reputable Riverside Scenery at the Qingming Festival (清明上河圖) of the Northern Song dynasty.

Macro shared with us the story behind the great success of the exhibition including the complicated coordination with different parties, the funny stories about the transportation of the National Treasures, the crowd control of the Museum, the strict requirement of protecting the exhibits and the careful design of the exhibition hall.

His mission seemed to be impossible to us for such a big-scale exhibition needed to be organized within a short period of time. We were not only impressed by his problem-solving intelligence but also his hard work and enthusiasm towards the exhibition. Macro’s witty remarks and sense of humour made this seemingly serious talk full of fun and laughter. Thank you for his interesting and inspiring sharing, the talk would not be so successful without his time and effort.



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