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Highlights of Past Events
Talk with Chip Tsao (24 Jul 2010)

Consumed alone, love or wine can both make your head dizzy; consume them together, and you may find yourself under the control of an unexpectedly strong chemical reaction of romantic sentiments.

It was a sunny afternoon,
85 members from WGAHK and Friends of LSE spent their weekend sipping red wine in Champs Bar, enjoying a wonderful talk by Chip Tsao for a fancy Love Study. Chip Tsao shared the crucial elements in common to love and wine, the place, the environment, the look, the smell, the timing, and the reality.


Exclusive Perfumery Master Class
by Master Perfumer Mr Olivier Funel
(27 Mar 2010)

To start with, Olivier gave a brief perfumery history and culture in France before he explained the classic formulas of the leading perfume brands.  We all felt very excited and intrigued to learn these formulas, as we had no idea how scents or aromas are generated.  Also, it was as if we were learning something secretive. 


An Evening with Alexander McCall Smith
(15 Mar 2010)

Organised by the Friends of British Council Hong Kong, a subsidiary charity of the British Council, the dinner was held at the luxurious and vintage clubhouse in the city hub. This unique meet up with the internationally renowned series author has attracted over 100 fans and booklovers from the town and around the world.


WGAHK's 15th Anniversary Dinner 2009
(12 Dec 2009)

Set against the splendid decoration of the Soong Room of the Butterfield¡¦s Club, the annual reunion has attracted more than 110 Warwickers and their family. The dinner was kicked off by a welcome speech by Dr Edmund Lee, WGAHK Chairman, followed by a speech by our guest of honour, Prof Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick and Honorary President of WGAHK. Other guests from Warwick included Prof David Wilson, Acting Dean of Warwick Business School; Mr Ben Plummer-Powell, Associate Director, Development (International), and Mrs Helen Johnson, Assistant Director of the International Office.


WGAHK¡¦s 15th Anniversary Cocktail Reception
(21 Mar 2009)

2009 is a memorable year of WGAHK when it celebrates its 15th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, the WGAHK Executive Committee came up with a special 15th Anniversary slogan ¡§beyond networking¡¨ and invited fellow Warwicker Ms Eileen Tsang to design the corresponding logo.

On a warm Saturday afternoon, about 100 Warwickers and friends gathered together at the WGAHK Cocktail Reception to kick-off the anniversary celebration.


Cultural and Heritage Daytrip: Ping Shan (21 Feb 2009)

Warwickers and friends joined together to celebrate the year of the ox with a very recreational, educational as well as culinary excursion in Ping Shan. The 24 participants comprised of Warwickers from across the years and their families, including a mix of east and west. Led by Will Bedoucha, the group toured the Ping Shan Heritage Trail which spans 1km from Tin Shui Wai to Yuen Long.


WGAHK Annual Dinner 2008 (13 Dec 2008)

The WGAHK Annual Dinner 2008 was well-attended by over 100 Warwick alumni and friends. For the third consecutive year, we were delighted to have Professor Nigel Thrift, Warwick¡¦s Vice-Chancellor and the Honorary President of WGAHK to be our guest of honour. Among the participants there were also a number of Warwick staff from various departments.


IGDS 10th Anniversary Dinner (7 Dec 2008)

On behalf of WGAHK, Mr Edward Tan, Mr Franco Lee, Ms Nancy Chui, Ms Shirley Chau, Ms Elaine Hung and Ms Manita So joined the IGDS 10th Anniversary Dinner held at the Craigengower Cricket Club on 7 December 2008.


Career Talk 2008 and Scholarship Award Presentation
(13 Sep 2008)

On 13 September 2008, after the Scholarship award presentation, a career talk was held for fresh and current students. This event was jointly organized by WGAHK and the Warwick Hong Kong Office, and supported by the Career Promotion Team (CPT) of the Warwick Hong Kong Society.


Picasso Tour (2 Jul 2008)

This year, an art tour was held at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong on 6 July 2008. This exhibition showcased 100 pieces of Picasso¡¦s intaglio prints from the Vollard Suite, which were transported to Hong Kong from the Louvre Museum in France. Although it was a rainy day, the event attracted 37 Warwickers and friends, which was beyond our maximum capacity!


Warwick Alumni Talk (23 Feb 2008)

On 23 February 2008, 25 Warwickers and friends got together at Novotel Century Hong Kong to attend an intriguing talk conducted by Marco Szeto, a fellow Warwick graduate who is now the Curator of Xubaizhai, Hong Kong Museum of Art.


WGAHK Annual Dinner 2007

The WGAHK Annual Dinner was held on 15 December 2007. This year, we were delighted to have Prof Nigel Thrift, Warwick¡¦s Vice-Chancellor, to share with us the success and vision of the University at this memorable evening.


Hiking in Lamma Island (Nov 07)

On 18th November 2007, eighteen Warwickers and friends gathered at the Central Pier in the afternoon, waiting for the ferry to the Lamma Island. Obviously, all of us were very excited and could not wait to take the very first group photo on board before landing on our starting point ¡V Yung Shue Wan.


Alumni Gathering with Warwick Drama Education Experts

A nice and friendly Warwick alumni dinner gathering was held on 15th July 2007 at Barista Cafe, Wanchai. We were very delighted to have two Warwick academics, Prof Jonothan Neelands and Dr Joe Winston, who teach postgraduate courses in Drama and Theatre Education at the Institution of Education, with us at the party.

Boat Trip 2007

28 Warwickers and friends gathered together on 24 June 2007 and sailed to Sai Kung for a relax weekend.

Warwick Law Networking Event (Apr 07)

The second Warwick Law networking event in Hong Kong was held on Sunday 15th April 2007 with Dr. William O¡¦Brian, who teaches both undergraduates & postgraduates, and is course director of the Warwick LLM in International Economic Law programme.

WGAHK Annual Dinner 2006

The WGAHK Annual Dinner was held on 16 December 2006. This year we were delighted to have Prof. Nigel Thrift, Warwick¡¦s new Vice-Chancellor and WGAHK¡¦s new Honorary President, with us to share the joy at this memorable evening just before the end of the year.

Art Appreciation Tour 2006

This year, Marco Szeto, a Warwick Graduate and a professional curator, brought us into the likeness and unlikeness world of Qi Baishi (»ô¥Õ¥Û), one of the most renowned figures in modern Chinese painting.  In addition to touring us around the famous shrimps and crabs of Qi Baishi, which earned him the name of "people's artist" by the Ministry of Culture in 1953, Marco introduced to us the history of this People's Artist and his trip to Hong Kong. 

Boat Trip 2006

On 22 October 2006, WGAHK organized a seafood boat trip to some of the most scenic areas in Hong Kong. 30 Warwickers and friends gathered at Ma Liu Shiu Pier where the boat took sail. We went to Grass Island (¶ðªù), Ping Chau (ªF¥­¬w) and also Crooked Island (¦N¿D). We all had a good time to meet old and new friends and had a relaxing and enjoyable day.

A fantastic start for the Warwick Law Network

Warwick Graduate Association Hong Kong¡¦s first-ever Warwick Law networking event was held on 3rd June 2006 at Dot-Cod Restaurant in Central, Hong Kong. It was indeed the perfect time when the former Warwick Law School Chairman Professor Lee Bridges made a brief visit to Hong Kong.

Warwick Celebration Dinner in Honour of Honorary Graduates in Hong Kong

On 2 June 2006, University of Warwick hosted a celebration dinner at JW Marriot Hotel in honour of Hon Martin Lee Chu-ming, Dr Hon Elsie Leung Oi-sie and Sir David Li Kwok-po, the three Warwick honorary graduates in Hong Kong.

WGAHK supports alumni basketball team

Introducing the alumni-organised basketball team with support from WGAHK.

First Ever Christmas Ball for UK alumni

On 23 December 2005 British Council held its first Christmas Ball for UK alumni in Hong Kong and WGAHK was among the 14 alumni associations that joined the event. In the elegant setting of Four Seasons Hotel, the evening started with a cocktail reception, followed by a formal dinner adorned by games, a lucky draw and a dance demo...

IGDS Annual Dinner 2005

On behalf of WGAHK, Edward Tan, Nancy Chui, Jonson Yue, Manita So and Lewis Tang joined the annual dinner of IGDS alumni held at the Mariners¡¦ Club on 10 December 2005...

WGAHK Annual Dinner 2005 in celebration of Warwick¡¦s 40th Anniversary

Apart from highlighting the end of a fruitful year, the WGAHK Annual Dinner was also the precious opportunity for over 100 Warwickers across decades to have a big reunion ant to celebrate the University¡¦s 40th anniversary......

Warwick October Talk: Indulging in a Secret Passion

It was really an impressive night as we could all indulge in the talk by Eric Yuen, delicious food, spectacular firework, pleasant chitchat and wonderful piano performances. The event was held at Eric¡¦s lovely music garden on 1 October with 28 participants.....

Joint Happy Hour Gathering with Cardiff University

On 1st September 2005, we invited the alumni of Cardiff University to join our happy-hour gathering. There was a very good turnout. 24 Warwick graduates showed up and we gave a warm welcome to our Cardiff friends.

The Warwick Art Day 2005

The Warwick Art Day held on 25th June 2005 brought in 24 art enthusiasts, including 4 children and a number of family groups. Workshop leader John Li, who has been an artist and an art teacher for over 15 years, shared with us the joy of creating art.

Sensational happy-hour
celebrating Warwick's 40th Anniversary

The Warwick Happy-Hour Gathering on 5th May 2005 had an excellent turnout of over 50 alumni. Graduates from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s were represented, including many who joined WGAHK activities for the first time.

WGAHK Scholarship Fund-Raising Event:
Pun Choi in Fanling

To encourage and promote education enhancement for Hong Kong students at the University of Warwick, the Warwick Graduates' Association Hong Kong has set up the WGAHK Scholarship. This year, a unique New Territories-style banquet was organized to raise fund for the scholarship.

Art Appreciation Tour

In the afternoon of 12th March 2005, we organised an art appreciation tour to Huang Yongyu's Exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The rainy and cold weather could not dampen the enthusiasm of the thirty-three Warwick alumni and friends on the event. Macro Szeto, an acute artist and professional curator, guided us through Huang¡¦s works with his profound knowledge in Chinese art and witty remarks.

IGDS Annual Dinner 2004

Annual dinner of IGDS alumni held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 11 December 2004. The theme of the evening ¡§Purple Night¡¨ explained the sights of many participants dressed in purple or putting on purple accessories. In an elegant purple setting and a romantic ambience, the evening began with a welcoming speech by Wingo Tang, IGDS alumni President (2003-04).

WGAHK 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

The WGAHK Annual Dinner held on the 4th December 2004 highlighted the association's success in building up a network of Warwick graduates in Hong Kong over the past decade. In the elegant setting of the Hong Kong Club, over 130 Warwick alumni and friends gathered together and shared fond memories of their time at Warwick.

Golfing & BBQ

On 13th November 2004, 31 Warwick alumni and friends had a lovely golfing and barbecue evening at Pak Shek Golf Centre, a former Vietnamese refugee camp.

Dinner Talk with Professor Mark Salmon

On 2nd November 2004, Professor Mark Salmon from the Warwick Business School delivered a speech on Financial Bubbles and Behavioral Finance at Novotel Century Hotel, Wanchai.

Boat & Seafood Tour 2004

On the sunny day of 10th October 2004, 35 Warwickers and friends went on a boat trip to Sai Kung. Our first stop was Tai Miu, which is the oldest Tin Hau Temple in Hong Kong. We then walked along a short hiking trail to Bo Doi O, a beautiful small village beside Clear Water Bay.

Art Appreciation and Wine Tasting

On 27th August 2004, the art appreciation and wine tasting event held at the Empire Hotel attracted 38 participants. To begin with, Mr. Marco Szeto, Curator of Xubaizhai of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, shared with us how to understand and appreciate the structure and meanings of ancient Chinese mansions and gardens. Our second speaker Miss Linda Tsui guided us through a journey of wine tasting.

Dinner Talk by Dr. Edmund Lee

On 22nd May 2004, Dr Edmund Lee presented a dinner talk on the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. Edmund is the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Limited.

War Game 2004

In the foggy morning of 25th April 2004, 20 masked warriors took their weapons and headed to Sai Kung. After the rules were set out by the instructor, 20 of us split into two teams.

10th Anniversary Cocktail Reception

On 27th March 2004, we held our 10th Anniversary Cocktail Reception at British Council Hong Kong. The reception was co-hosted by Professor David VandeLinde, Vice-Chancellor of University of Warwick and Miss Yvonne Leung, current Chairman of WGAHK. It was well attended by over 100 guests and alumni.


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