2010 WGAHK co-hosted Annual Dinner with the Warwick IGDS Alumni group.  Joined by Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, Director & Founder of the Warwick Manufacturing Group, and Mr. Jon Baldwin, Registrar.
2009 Number of members reaches 500.


WGAHK 15th Anniversary Annual Dinner.  Joined by Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice Chancellor, and Professor David Wilson, Acting Dean of Warwick Business School.


First Award of the WGAHK Engineering Scholarship fully sponsored by Warwick School of Engineering.

Launch of the WGAHK Scholars Club & Mentorship Programme.

WGAHK led and organised the 1st Joint UK Universities Happy Hour.  Joined by Ms. Ruth Gee, Director of British Council.

WGAHK 15th Anniversary Cocktail Reception.  Joined by Dr. Roy Chung, Council Member, University of Warwick.

2008 WGAHK granted two Gifted Youth Awards in support of the Iggy (International Gateway for Gifted Youth) programme held at the University of Warwick.
2007 First career talk reception for current students in Hong Kong jointly organized by WGAHK and the Warwick Hong Kong Society.

Warwick Business School 40th Anniversary Reception in Hong Kong.

2006 Annual Dinner & Welcoming Reception of new Warwick Vice Chancellor.  Joined by Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice Chancellor & Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, Director and Founder of Warwick Manufacturing Group.

University of Warwick Dinner for Alumni and Friends in honour of three Warwick Honourary Graduates in Hong Kong: Mr. Martin Lee, Senior Counsel, Barrister; Mr. David Li, Bank of East Asia Chairman; Ms. Elsie Leung, HKSAR Secretary for Justice.

2005 Annual Dinner in celebration of Warwick’s 40th Anniversary
March 2004 WGAHK 10th Anniversary Dinner held at the Hong Kong Club.  Joined by Prof. Stuart Palmer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and Mr. Jon Baldwin, Registrar.
2002 The first WGAHK scholarship awarded.

The official Chinese name of WGAHK confirmed
as “英國華威大學同學會”.

2001 he University of Warwick Vice-Chancellor became Honorary President to WGAHK.

First WGAHK “Happy Hour Gathering” held.

Extraordinary General Meeting held. Resolution passed to rename “Warwick University Students’ Association (Hong Kong)” to “Warwick Graduates Association (Hong Kong)”.

1999 Domain name “warwick.org.hk” registered.
1995 The first Christmas Ball, which became the annual event for WGAHK ever since.

First issue of newsletter “WUSA News” published.

First WUSAHK event: Chinese New Year Dinner.

1994 The first Annual General Meeting held. First Executive Committee elected.

Warwick Students’ Association Hong Kong (WUSAHK) incorporated.

1993 Preparation Committee for the Warwick Students’ Association Hong Kong (WUSAHK) formed.