A fantastic start for the Warwick Law Network

A fantastic start for the Warwick Law Network

03.06.2006 + Dot-Cod Restaurant

Warwick Graduate Association Hong Kong’s first-ever Warwick Law networking event was held on 3rd June at Dot-Cod Restaurant in Central, Hong Kong. It was indeed the perfect time when the former Warwick Law School Chairman Professor Lee Bridges made a brief visit to Hong Kong

The event aimed to bring Warwick graduates in the legal field together under the same roof to share stories of their “wonder years”.  Handful graduates, stretching from 80’s to 90’s, attended the event.  Since most of the graduates have left the University long ago, and things at the Warwick Law School have also rapidly changed with time, Professor Lee Bridges gave us all an update about the Warwick Law School. The Warwick Law School is growing stronger and at the same time still living its “rebellious” reputation among the law schools in the UK. This is something that we are all proud of.

Gladly, throughout the event, no legal practitioner argued on the point of law.  The senior graduates actively shared with the fresh graduates their experience in starting a successful legal career. Their active participation and their precious advice to the junior graduates were highly appreciated.

The success of this first Warwick Law networking event would mean more similar events in the future.  Thank you for all your support!

Special thanks to Professor Lee Bridges of the Warwick Law School for finding time to attend this event, and to Mr. Bernard Chain for his assistance in organising this event.

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