Boat Trip 2007

Boat Trip 2007

Boat Trip 2007

24.06.2007 + Sai Kung

After a hectic week working around the clock in offices and sometimes being scolded by clients and/or bosses, many of us were eager to breathe fresh air and to get away from work. What can be more relaxing than sailing on a hot summer Sunday? In search for a retreat, 28 Warwickers and friends gathered together in the morning of 24 June 2007 at the Central Piers – “All aboard. Ready to sail!”

On board of a luxurious four-deck vessel, we sailed to Sai Kung under the blessing of the sizzling sun and calm wind. The weather was lovely. The sound of the moving vessel breaking against the waves together with the whistle of the wind composed a wonderful symphony for us. Our minds were made clear and stress disappeared magically. We chatted and laughed. Everyone felt relaxed.

Within a short while, the vessel arrived at the scenic Sai Kung. A buffet lunch was served. However, the prime attraction of the day was the cool and clear water. Irresistibly, in the hot afternoon, many of us dived straightaway into the water to cool ourselves down. Some quickly went onto the speedboat for wakeboarding. Others swam towards the sand beach nearby after some quick refreshment. Not a single moment was wasted. Everyone cherished every moment in this paradise on such a perfect day. As usual, happy time went by speedily. After mid-noon, we were reluctant but ready to set sail back to Central Piers.


Feeling fresh, we capitalized on the return journey to make our time worthwhile. Drinking wine, and eating fruits, cheese, salami and crackers, we sat on the upper deck staring into the sunset whilst our vessel drifted into the Victoria Harbour. Surrounded by tall buildings, we returned to reality and civilization with smiles on our faces.

Thank you for supporting the Warwick Boat Trip and special thanks to all the executive-committee members who helped to make this event so successful.

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