Alumni Gathering with Warwick Drama Education Experts

Alumni Gathering with Warwick Drama Education Experts

15.07.2007 + Barista Cafe

A nice and friendly Warwick alumni dinner gathering was held on 15th July 2007 at Barista Cafe, Wanchai. We were very delighted to have two Warwick academics, Prof Jonothan Neelands and Dr Joe Winston, who teach postgraduate courses in Drama and Theatre Education at the Institution of Education, with us at the party.

There were more than 25 drama-lovers joining the gathering. Without a doubt, it was an excellent time to gather all drama Warwickers, as the drama conference IDEA was held in Hong Kong. There were some current drama students who came all the way from England, graduates from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as a prospective student.

The gathering was held in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The graduates reminisced the memorable time at Warwick while the current students told the stories of their ‘uni-lives’. Of course, Prof Neelands and Dr Winston were there with us, sharing the latest development of drama education.

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